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Game of Thrones 8x2

Episode 2

Despite being met with mistrust by Daenerys and Sansa, Jaime is allowed to join the Targaryen-Stark forces after Brienne vouches for his honor. Tyrion starts to lose favor with Daenerys due to his miscalculation about Cersei, prompting Jorah to ask her to forgive him. Daenerys tries to win Sansa’s favor through their mutual love for Jon but is unable to answer her questions about the North’s fate. Theon, Edd, Tormund, and Beric return to Winterfell and report House Umber’s fall. Everyone reluctantly agrees to Bran’s suggestion that he be used as bait to lure out the Night King, who is bent on destroying the Three-Eyed Raven. Jon, Samwell, and Edd look back on their time in the Night’s Watch; Arya has sex with Gendry; Tyrion, Jaime, Davos, Brienne, Podrick, and Tormund drink together, during which Jamie formally knights Brienne; and Jorah fails to convince Lyanna not to fight before receiving Heartsbane from Samwell. As the Army of the Dead approaches Winterfell, Daenerys finds Jon at Lyanna Stark’s grave and learns about his heritage. Most of the major characters are now gathered at Winterfell, awaiting a great battle.

Game of Thrones: 8×2
Apr. 21, 2019

Game of Thrones season 8

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